The Society is currently pursuing a variety of projects designed to promote traditional Irish values around the world.

Brehon Law — On-line

Anciently, a Brehon was a judge, or perhaps more accurately in modern terms—an arbitrator. In many respects Brehon law was quite progressive. It recognized divorce, equal rights between men and women and embodied a concern for the environment as well. In criminal law, restitution, normally in the form of a payment of a fine, was emphasized over punishment for wrongdoing. In fact, the imposition of capital punishment was not recognized to be within the prerogative of a Brehon. The Society aims to make the principles of Brehon law more widely accessible on-line, along with suggested adaptations for modern life.


Cultural Exchange

In collaboration with the World Heritage Cultural Center, the Society plans to host students from around the world for an immersive Irish travel/study program. Based upon these first-hand encounters with Irish culture, students will then be afforded the opportunity to prepare and present their impressions, informed by their own cultural framework, in New York’s Lincoln Center as part of an Irish cultural celebration, including the music, dance, literature and folklore of the Emerald Isle.


Sound Money

The venerable Irish motto Sworn to be Free embodies Ireland’s centuries-long struggle for self rule, which includes the right to monetary freedom. Gold and silver serve as ancient guardians of that liberty, ensuring the right and means reliably to retain the fruits of one’s labor through true choice in currency. Accordingly, the Society supports the Court’s Royal Monetary Decree:


Equitable Dispute Resolution

In modern times, access to justice comes at a price that is often beyond the reach of the masses. In keeping with principles of Brehon law, the Society strives to offer subsidized low-cost to no-cost dispute resolution services — initially, within the Quintric monetary system, and later through dispute resolution facilities co-located within affiliated educational/cultural centers.